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[Pinned] Leggimi! Read me!

Questa è l'unica sezione del Forum aperta agli ospiti. Sei capitato qui e vuoi postare qualcosa? Fallo!This is the only Forum section opened to guests. Feel free to post if you want!
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Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night1885Small Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night 2y

I'm new and want to do content in the order it was released - is there a resource with info on that?

I'm just looking to play this game pretty casual and mostly solo and would like if possible to kind of do content as it came out. I'm not sure how to go about doing that though or if it is even possible. Like is there anywhere online with a list t...
Member avatar small BrooksElliot 199d
BrooksElliot2340Small Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night 195d

Which has better equipment - Ravenloft or Masterminds of sharn for ranged and melee?

I'm a returning DDO player. Been away for over 5 years.Please help me decide. I can only buy one of the two right now. My priority is items and equipment that I can get from the quests. I tend to run mostly bow, xbow builds and maybe melee; almost...
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LeonardoParker2249Small Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night 195d

New player for the second time, trying to get Monk.

I started playing this game a while ago and someone told me about a way of getting the points to create a Monk without paying real money. Then I quit playing because of my then girlfriend.Fast forward to now, a few months after the relationship en...
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AxelEverett2247Small Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night 195d


Ciao, giocavo tantissimi anni fa (più di 10) con i guardiani di eberron, altra gilda italiana,ero interessato a riprendere e provare le nuove espansioni, siete attivi in game?
Member avatar small Nad 322d
Nad2403Small Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night 322d


Salve ho trovato solo questo forum riguardante una possibile gilda italiana su D&D online,stavo cercando appunto qualcuno con la quale giocare.
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XPatrickPainX4914Small Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night 1y


Allora io giocavo mooooooolto tempo fa a questo gioco e volevo riprendere ma il mio chierico e' scomparso.Addirittura mi ritrovo 2 espansioni comprate e per come dice steam me ne manca solo una che a sto punto prendo.Per il resto per stare al pass...
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PotionPitcher6856Member avatar small PotionPitcher 1y

Forum gilda

Buondi.Mi sono iscritto al forum ma non riesco ad accedere .Qualche buonanima mi puo dare il permesso ^^Grazie in anticipo.
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Gysela41361Small Valerianus, The Voice Of The Night 2y
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